Thursday, June 30, 2011


Palaeospondylus was a mysterious worm-like fish which has been described as a larval tetrapod, lungfish, unarmored placoderm, and agnathan.

Palaeospondylus was discovered in Scotland and is 2" long. This image shows Coccosteus attacking four Palaeospondylus.

Palaeospondylus may have been a parasite or an early lungfish.

Palaeospondylus had a weird basket-like formation in the skull, but the use for this basket-like formation is unknown.


  1. I can tell you like early fish :)

    When i get home i will have to did out a pic i have of the tattoos i have on my back. I have a Hoelaspis and a Sclerodus pustuliferus

  2. I never heard of Sclerodus pustuliferus! And I would really like to see your tattoos!

  3. As promised: