Saturday, June 11, 2011


Doryaspis was a weird jawless placoderm with a mouth on top of its saw, and two fin-like appendages that could have worked as pectoral fins. But they were not fins, they were part of the head armor. 

Like all placoderms, except for the giant placoderms like Dunkleosteus and Titanichthys, it had to stay near the bottom because of its heavy head armor.

This image shows a different Doryaspis. But all the species of Doryaspsis are pretty much the same. All the species of Doryaspis have two pectoral spines and one spine right under the mouth in front of their head. Which is why Doryaspsis's mouth probably had to point up. 


  1. How large were these? You should make a chart sometime showing the relative sizes of all these creatures.

  2. Doryaspis was about 6". I'll try to make a chart, but do you mean a chart with the real size of the creatures (which I probably couldn't do because I posted Dunkleosteus which was 20' long) or a chart that just has the creatures to scale?

  3. Maybe something like this: